11 French Toasts we love for breakfast in Paris

It is not easy to find a frenchtoast for breakfast in Paris. Croissants and baguette with butter tend to define the parisian way of life! But sweettooth as I am, I’d like to share some spots where you will find the best in town. Enjoy! (My best is number 11, guess whom… tasted january 2018).

1. At the luxury Prince de Galles Hotel, located near the ChampsElysees, pastrychef Yann Couvreur makes gastronomic and graphic « brioches perdues » with milk jam or whipped cream. He is kind enough to give the recipe here. Perfect service and quiet place, one of my favorites. Update : Yann Couvreur no longer works at Prince de Galles but now owns a pastryshop where you can find this toast for breakfast delivery or to order on afternoons in the Marais Shop.

2. At the Four Seasons GeorgesV hotel, the door next to the Prince de Galles, where you’ll be served one of the fluffiest french toast, with a whipped cream you’ll never forget.

3. I’ve told you about the Park Hyatt Vendôme where I enjoyed a stay, and a breakfast including a rich french toast.

4. If you have breakfast at the Dali restaurant in Le Meurice Hotel Paris, the French Toast is a real gastronomic sweet option, it comes with an excellent vanilla cream.


And here is the 2017 french toast from The Meurice.

5. The newly reopened Hotel de Crillon has an à la carte perfect french toast for breakfast, that you can enjoy in the patio garden, a very peaceful place to stars the day.

6. Of course, all tourists know Laduree and the famous macarons. You can have breakfast at Laduree « salons de thé », french toasts are generous and served with maple syrup and a vevlety whipped cream.

7. A very generous one is served at Biglove Caffe, a very buzzy italian trattoria and breakfast spot in the Marais. With mascapone cream on the top.


8. You will love this colorfull pastry shop and tea-room owned by two former students from the famous pastry school Ferrandi located just across the street. On mornings they bake french toasts (or savory breakfast dishes too!). A tea pot coming from Le Palais des Thés is perfect to take your Time. Colorova 47 rue Abbé Grégoire Facebook

9. To take away : the french toast by pastrychef Claire Damon is a brioche cooked with brûlée cream, crispy and caramelized on the top, smooth inside, I just love it. Boutique Des Gateaux et du Pain near Bon Marché store : Website

10. The one from Café La Perle, a trendy parisian brasserie style spot, is minute made and pretty good. Café La Perle also has an outpost in the food court hidden in the outdoor garden at BHV marais department store.

11. And now I have tasted the best in Paris : The famous world best pastrychef Pierre Hermé has opened a dessert bar with L’occitane perfumes and cosmetics. This place is located at 86 Champs-Elysées and the amazing interior design is a signature of Laura Gonzales architect. On mornings breakfast is served and you can enjoy healthy plates, or savory dishes but I have choosen the sweet option and this french toast made with a large brioche and creamy custard inside, caramelized in salted butter, is just to die for. You can find the recipe in ELLE magazine.

Despite the name « french » toast, this is not a traditional breakfast dish in France, but these four ones are delicious. A piece of advice : avoid the French Toast at Angelina and at Berthillon (famous ice-cream that you have to taste), they don’t worth it. Look at this one from Angelina, too grilled, and dry.


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  1. […]       Claire Damon, créatrice de la pâtisserie Des Gâteaux et du Pain, est atypique : elle élabore des desserts très peu sucrés, tout en légèreté, au plus près des saveurs. C’est déroutant mais convainquant, je vous ai parlé de son Baba ici, de son caramel ici, et de son pain perdu à manger à la main ici. […]

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